Prediction for the
Real World

Explainable remedies with every prediction.
Self-learning software that analyzes data by itself.
Designed for your dirty, messy data.


Making Predictive Analytics
Work for You

All businesses run into the same real-world problems when trying to leverage predictive analytics. Emcien solves them so you can improve outcomes immediately and realize big gains in just weeks.

  • Start Easily

    Get started with your dirty, messy data, as is. No cleansing required.

  • Skip Analysis

    Sit back and let our software create the model and update it when there’s new data.

  • Get Remedies

    Empower your team with what to do, not just what will happen — with explanations in plain English.

  • Immediate Value

    See your outcomes improve immediately. See big gains in just weeks.

Empowering You to Close the Gap
on Outcomes

Emcien helps your whole organization zero in on any outcome, and make it better every day. Real, measurable, continuous value from your data. Finally!

Customer Churn

Telcos reduce subscriber churn by seeing each customer’s churn risk, and why.
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Customer Value

Retailers improve customer value by seeing each customer’s predicted value, and why.
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On-Time Delivery

Manufacturers reduce late deliveries by seeing which will be delayed, and why.
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+30% On-Time Deliveries: Can Predictive Supply Chain Analytics Really Be Easy?

Everyone knows prediction can improve supply chain metrics. But can you leverage prediction with zero data skills? Can you make big gains quickly and painlessly? Watch this webinar to see what’s possible.
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Better Customer Service at Lower Cost: How Prescriptive Analytics Solves Unscheduled Downtime

Do you care about uptime? Then you need to know about prescriptive maintenance. Learn what it is, how one company solved downtime with it, and how you can too.
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How One Leading Brand Restored Customer Loyalty

Want to keep your customers buying? Automated prescriptive analytics is changing how brands solve churn. Learn how and what you can do to reduce churn.
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“This will change the way we do business. Only Emcien handles today’s complexity with ease, speed, and scale.”

VP, Analytics & Automation
Global Telco



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