Keeping ahead of the conversation around data analytics is important for today’s Big Data player, both to stay informed of trends for content’s purposes and to keep informed of the conversation around Big Data. Everyone wants to know what the cutting edge of analytics is, and by keeping a trained eye on the buzz words, what types of solutions are trending, and how Big Data is actually shaping the world around us, we’ve noticed a thing or two about the Big Data hype cycle.

We began formalizing this process through an interdepartmental Morning Big Data News Roundup of the most interesting articles around Big Data innovation from the previous 24 hours, and as the weeks passed, a lot of insights revealed themselves through  watchful consideration:

  1. There’s a lot of language of fear around the description of Big Data’s influence in the world, both as a business tool and as a resource for understanding the world’s complex problems.
  2. Articles tend less to be in conversation with one another for the sake of developing new thought leadership and more about repeating the same facts and buzzwords to be heard. Now that we’ve all finally drunk the hype-laden kool-aid, we’re finally starting to see a conversation around opportunity.
  3. The most relevant content is usually about real-world use cases that are driving innovation not just in the analytics world, but through the use of analytics to reach an end-goal.

Perhaps the more surprising revelation from consistent headline monitoring is reflected best in what is not sent along. For example, our Morning Big Data News Roundup is limited to 3-5 headlines per day-after picking out the most interesting headlines and eliminating the noise, that leaves very few original articles to share. There are so many voices trying to be heard, viewpoints attempting to be seen, that often times the truly innovative voices can be drowned out. More often than not, though, the insight you need is resting there, simply waiting to be found-if only it can be seen or heard.