The Supercharged CRM

A large online retailer was managing sales data from online orders and CRM data containing orders from their resellers and distributors. Their CRM contained a lot of data, but it was giving them very little insight into the preferences and actions of their customers. Facing heavy competition online and direct sales, the retailer needed a solution that would transform their ability to cross-sell and upsell. They found it in EmcienPatterns.

CRM Sales

Using EmcienPatterns to analyze both sales data with customer data, the retailer was able to create a 360 degree view across their reseller and distributor networks. The analysis connected customers and their purchase history with the products they were most likely to buy next.

Using the Emcien APIs, the retailer was able to create an automated workflow, triggering the collection of new sales data, analyzing that data for new product recommendations, and pushing those results into the sales teams CRM system. With these results fed directly into the existing sales workflow the sales team was augmented with cross-sell and upsell opportunities tailored to each customer. Through a familiar dashboard they could see into their customers buying patterns and predict their next purchase.

Business Value

  • Guided selling improved cross-sell and upsell rates
  • Better customer experience from more accurate suggestions

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