Late delivery for supply chains

Supply Chain Delays:
Preventing Late Deliveries
with Predictive Analytics

Our software makes the hard parts of
prediction easy so you can reduce delays.

Prevent Delays with Predictive
Analytics That Works for You

Every supply chain leaders wants their deliveries to be on-time, every time. Delays hurt customer satisfaction and retention, drive up operational costs, and monopolize team time and attention.

Predictive analytics can significantly reduce delays by giving teams the ability to anticipate them and prevent them. But businesses struggle to get prediction up-and-running because prediction tools today require perfect data, data skills, and for teams to figure out how to act on predictions.

Emcien solves these real-world problems to make prediction work for you. Emcien’s predictive analytics software works behind-the-scenes. It enables you to start easily with your imperfect data, skip the analysis, and know which orders will be delayed and what preventative actions to take. Emcien delivers predictive power with speed and ease, so you see immediate value and significant near-term improvement to delays and beyond.

How Our Behind-the-Scenes Software Works

Emcien software works entirely behind-the-scenes, sending predictions to your supply chain application or the enterprise system of your choice. Once Emcien is set up, you never look at it again. That’s why you don’t need any special data skills or software skills to predict delays.

Start easily with your imperfect supply chain data.

You’ve got a wealth of data on everything from customers to suppliers and parts, warehouses to distribution centers, and beyond. But it has flaws. There are missing values, duplicate entries, special characters, and more.

Ordinarily, you couldn’t get started with prediction until you’ve cleansed your data – a painstaking, time-consuming process that requires data specialists.

But Emcien leverages an innovative knowledge graph to connect and analyze your data, ignoring flaws along the way. As a result, you can skip the cleansing and scrubbing altogether and get started quickly and easily with your dirty, imperfect data.

Your uncleansed supply chain data converted to a data-agnostic knowledge graph 

Skip the analysis. Let the software create the delay model.

The conventional path to prediction in supply chain starts with choosing, building, testing, and tweaking a number of mathematical models – expert data work performed by in-house analysts or outside consultants.

While supply chain leaders have been unhappy with the expense and time this process requires, these high costs have been unavoidable until now.

With Emcien, you can skip the analysis and its high costs. Upload your data to Emcien, and the self-learning software’s Analysis module takes over, using a proprietary machine learning algorithm to build you a high-accuracy delay model in just minutes. Then, when there’s new data, Emcien will update the model for you.

Your supply chain data instantly converted to a rule-based predictive model

Anticipate delays with a prediction for every order.

If you know about delays in advance, you can take action to prevent them. You can also notify customers about delays to mitigate dissatisfaction.

Many teams can’t see delays before they occur. They are forced to react to them as they happen, and spend more time than they’d like fighting fires.

Not only does Emcien tell you which orders will be delayed, the software tells you when and ranks each delay by likelihood. Emcien’s Prediction module uses a machine learning algorithm to apply the delay model to new orders as they come in, generating a prediction and likelihood for each. This tells you which orders need attention, and in what order, so you can resolve them efficiently.

A prediction and likelihood for every upcoming delivery

Prevent delays with explainable remedies.

How do you prevent each delay? Most tools leave it up to you to figure out.

Only Emcien provides plain-English remedies for every delay so it’s clear what actions to take.

For example, Emcien provides the systemic drivers of delay – like an unreliable supplier – that cause many orders to be delayed so you can make changes to strategy and planning.

Every variable and how much it drives delay – change the big drivers to make big improvements

Emcien reveals the reasons for every prediction so you know what to fix. So if an out-of-stock part is the reason for a delay, you know to find a substitute.

The reasons for each delay prediction – use them to act to prevent each delay

Every remedy is data-driven, transparent, and in plain-English – powered by Emcien’s rule-based methodology.

Maximize value from your supply chain data.

Our software can analyze all of your data – any type from any system – so you get max value from the data you collect. And Emcien’s Bandit™ feature amplifies your data’s predictive power with data binning.

Add predictions to your supply chain applications.

Get predictive insight right where you need it to act fast – inside your everyday business applications and systems. With Emcien’s APIs, it’s easy to integrate with most anything.

Stay two steps ahead of your supply chain data.

Emcien delivers exceptional speed and scalability through its use of innovative technology. Our software meets the needs of every business, even those with high volume data.

Automate the whole prediction process.

Make prediction a continuous process that works around-the-clock with no human intervention. Emcien’s APIs and scheduling combine to create a fully automated “data factory” for you.

Improve Delay & So Much More

Reduced inventory

Proactively preventing delays means you don’t need large just-in-case inventory on hand or the associated holding costs.

Stronger loyalty & revenue

Delivering on time improves customer and partner loyalty, reduces attrition and drives future purchases and revenue.

Lower cost to serve

Anticipating delays reduces expedited shipping, extra labor, and holding costs associated with a more reactionary approach.

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Experience analytics like you never thought possible.