Unscheduled downtime for field service

Predictive Maintenance:
Reducing Downtime with
Predictive Analytics

Thanks to Emcien’s software, it’s never been easier
to predict, prevent, and resolve downtime.

Prevent Downtime with a New
Kind of Predictive Analytics

Customer loyalty, sales, operational costs and compliance with SLAs, and more, are all hit hard when products or equipment in the field go down. That’s why field service teams must work to prevent downtime. And when downtime does occur, they must ensure it is resolved quickly the first time around.

But even the most experienced technicians can’t correctly diagnose and fix the causes of failure 100% of the time. What’s more, organizations don’t have the inventory to ensure every technician always carries the right parts for the job.

Predictive analytics can make a big impact by helping teams see downtime in advance and address it more effectively. However, it’s not easy to leverage predictive analytics. Teams are often impeded by a set of common real-world problems: their data isn’t perfect, they lack data expertise, and they aren’t certain how to respond to each prediction. And it’s quite difficult to deal with equipment on the edge of the network.

Emcien’s predictive analytics software solves these common problems so teams can effectively decrease downtime and achieve their goals for customer retention, revenue, costs and efficiency, SLA compliance, and beyond. Emcien’s software works behind-the-scenes and empowers you to see every downtime incident before it occurs and fix assets “right the first time” with none of the data cleansing or modeling work of traditional analysis.

How Our Behind-the-Scenes Software Works

Emcien software works entirely behind-the-scenes, sending predictions to your supply chain application or the enterprise system of your choice. Once Emcien is set up, you never look at it again. That’s why you don’t need any special data skills or software skills to predict delays.

Skip the data cleansing. Go straight to analysis.

You’ve got data on jobs, assets in the field, clients, downtime incidents, and more. But it’s not in perfect shape. There are missing values, redundancies, mismatched formatting and other issues.

Conventional prediction tools won’t take your imperfect data as is. You need data practitioners to cleanse the data first. And data cleansing is a monotonous, expensive, time-consuming task.

No more. Our software uses a powerful knowledge graph to analyze your raw data with all of its flaws and problems, connecting every data value and surfacing predictive patterns, so you can ditch the hassle of data cleansing forever and focus on resolving downtime instead.

Your uncleansed equipment data converted to a data-agnostic knowledge graph 

Skip the modeling. Let the software do it for you.

Time is of the essence if you want to succeed at preventing and resolving downtime. Your team needs predictive intel fast so they can act quickly.

Traditional analytics software slows you down. You have to choose, build, test, tweak, and update downtime models. Or wait for data specialists to analyze data and build a model for you.

Until now. With Emcien, you just sit back and let the self-learning software build the downtime model for you in minutes using a proprietary machine learning algorithm. No need for data specialists. No waiting for days and weeks. When there’s new data, the software updates the downtime model for you automatically. All thanks to Emcien’s lightning-quick Analysis module.

Your equipment data instantly converted to a rule-based prediction model

See every downtime incident before it occurs.

When you know about every downtime incident in advance, you can stop reacting to fires and start working proactively to prevent assets from going down in the first place.

But you need predictions to be fast and reliable. And when you’re dealing with multiple imminent incidents at one time, you need an easy way to prioritize them so you can make the most of the limited resources you have.

Our software tells you which assets are going to go down, with high speed and high accuracy. But Emcien doesn’t stop there. It also gives you the precise likelihood of each failure, and how long you have until each downtime incident, so you know what to tackle and in what order. Courtesy of our machine learning-powered Prediction module.

A prediction and likelihood for every piece of equipment

Fix assets right the first time with explainable remedies.

If you’re going to fix an asset right the first time, you need to have the right diagnosis and remedy before you arrive at the job.

Most prediction tools stop at diagnosis. But Emcien goes further, giving you remedies with every prediction.

Emcien tells you what parts are causing downtime and the best fixes. As a result, you know what to bring, what to fix, and how to fix it before you even start the job.

The reasons for every downtime prediction – use them to act to prevent downtime

Emcien also tells you which parts are causing downtime for many assets so you can change your product model or purchasing decisions.

Every variable and how much it drives downtime – change the big drivers to make big improvements

Every remedy is data-driven, transparent, and in plain-English, courtesy of Emcien’s rule-based methodology.

Maximize value from your asset data.

Add predictions to your field service applications.

Get predictions at the edge of the network.

Stay two steps ahead of your supply field service data.

Automate the whole prediction process.

Our software can analyze all of your data – any type from any system — so you get max value from the data you collect. And Emcien’s Bandit™ feature amplifies your data’s predictive power.

Get predictive insight right where you need it to act fast – inside your everyday business applications and systems. With Emcien’s APIs, it’s easy to integrate with most anything.

Give your IoT devices prediction power with software made to work at the edge of the network. Emcien is engineered to run perfectly on small devices with limited connectivity.

Emcien delivers exceptional speed and scalability through its use of innovative technology. Our software meets the needs of every business, even those with high volume data.
Make prediction a continuous process that works around-the-clock with no human intervention. Emcien’s APIs and scheduling combine to create a fully automated “data factory” for you.

Improve More Than Downtime

SLA compliance

When you prevent downtime and resolve incidents quickly, you can better meet SLA standards and reduce penalties for outages.

Customer retention and revenue

Increases in uptime translate to improvements in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. And future sales and revenue.

Cost and efficiency

Preventing problems is much cheaper and more efficient than fixing them once they occur. Fewer truck rolls equals lower cost.

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Experience analytics like you never thought possible.