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Customer Retention:
Reducing Churn with
Predictive Analytics

Emcien’s software has made it easier than ever
to predict and prevent customer churn.

Prevent Churn with a New
Kind of Predictive Analytics

Churn is inflating operating expenses and inflating margins. And because of increased competition, companies across industries aren’t seeing big improvement year-over-year.

Predictive analytics can help by giving teams the ability to detect at-risk customers and take the right steps to prevent churn before it happens.

But getting a predictive analytics capability up-and-running is easier said than done. Do you have imperfect data? Are expert data skills in short supply in your organization? Are you uncertain how to stop each unique customer from churning? Most companies have these challenges. And it means their journey to prediction could be long and difficult with status quo analytics tools.

Emcien’s predictive analytics software solves these common problems so sales, marketing, and service teams can quickly and easily get started reducing customer churn. Emcien’s software works behind-the-scenes to identify each at-risk customer before they churn, revealing data-driven remedies to help retain them before they take flight. No data cleansing, predictive modeling, or guesswork required.

How Our Behind-the-Scenes Software Works

Emcien software works entirely behind-the-scenes, sending predictions to your CRM, marketing automation tool or service application of your choice. Once Emcien is set up, you never look at it again. That’s why you don’t need any special data skills or software skills to predict customer churn.

Don’t worry about cleansing your data. We’ll take it as is.

Your CRM, website, marketing automation, ERP and other systems are a goldmine of rich customer data.

But before you can use your customer data for analysis and prediction, you’ve got to fix all the the missing values, redundant data, and other issues. Data cleansing can be a real pain and it’s where many businesses get stuck.

With Emcien, you can forget about data cleansing. Our software works with your data as is, with all imperfections, thanks to the sheer power and data-agnosticism of our knowledge graph.

Your uncleansed customer data converted to a knowledge graph

Get an churn model pronto. Let the software do the work.

When churn is high or on the rise, you want to fix it fast. The last thing you want is to wait days or weeks for data specialists to build, test, and tweak a predictive model. And wait again when the data changes and the model has to be updated.

With Emcien, you don’t have to wait. Our software analyzes your data and generates a predictive churn model for you in minutes. And when the data changes, it updates your model  without even being asked. Just let our Analysis module do the work for you, with our proprietary machine learning algorithm, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

The software uses your data to create a predictive churn model for you

Identify every at-risk customer before they churn.

If you know which customers are likely to churn, you can act quickly with interventions like incentives or a healthy dose of customer service to help them to stay.

But most teams don’t have visibility into the true risk level of each customer in their database or portfolio.

Our software tells you each customer’s risk of churn with a precise likelihood number. But Emcien goes even further, telling you when each customer is predicted to churn. As a result, you can see who needs attention, what order to give it in, and how much time you have to right the ship. Powered by the machine learning in our Prediction module.

You get a churn prediction — and likelihood — for every customer that you have

Stop churn in its tracks with explainable remedies.

Now that you know which of your customers are planning to leave you for greener pastures, you can take steps to prevent them.

But what should you do? Prediction tools leave it up to you to guess, or to your data scientists to figure out. But you need effective fixes – guesses won’t do – and you need them fast so you don’t miss your opportunity.

Emcien tells you what to do. It scours your data for potential remedies and gives them to you so you don’t have to guess or wait for data experts.

Emcien tells you what factors, known as systemic drivers, are causing not just one customer – but many of them – to churn. So if it’s a service agent that needs more training, or a problem with the product that needs to be addressed, you can fix it to make big improvements to churn.

Drivers of churn are problems causing many customer to churn – fix them to make a widespread impact

Emcien also tells you the reasons behind every prediction. So if a customer is leaving because of a price hike, you can make a more competitive offer.

Reasons for predictions can reveal the cause of churn – fix them to retain your at-risk customer

Every remedy is data-driven, transparent, and in plain-English, courtesy of Emcien’s rule-based methodology.

Maximize value from your customer data.

Add predictions to your customer applications.

Stay two steps ahead of your customer data.

Automate the whole prediction process.

Our software can analyze all of your data – any type from any system — so you get max value from the data you collect. And Emcien’s Bandit™ feature amplifies your data’s predictive power with data binning.

Get predictive insight right where you need it to act fast – inside your everyday business applications and systems. With Emcien’s APIs, it’s easy to integrate with most anything.

Emcien delivers exceptional speed and scalability through its use of innovative technology. Our software meets the needs of every business, even those with high volume data.

Make prediction a continuous process that works around-the-clock with no human intervention. Emcien’s APIs and scheduling combine to create a fully automated “data factory” for you.

Improve More Than Churn

Greater efficiency

Preventing churn with automated predictions and remedies eliminates the time and expense of guesswork.

Lower acquisition costs

Reducing churn decreases the otherwise high cost of acquiring new customers.

Better customer experience

Decreasing customer acquisition costs allows you to invest more in existing customers.

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Experience analytics like you never thought possible.