Smart Recommendations: Know what your customers will buy next.

What makes your customers churn and how can you predict and prevent it?

Understanding what your customers are most likely to buy can help you improve revenue and make your customers happier. Emcien’s smart recommendations automatically match your customers with the products they are most likely to buy, helping to guide each customer to a better outcome.

Identify the buying patterns:

sales-churnEmcienPatterns automatically identifies the connections across your product offerings, revealing how products are purchased together. Given any number of products the engine will determine, in order, the most likely items to be purchased next.

Match your customers:

EmcienPatterns is the connection between your historic sales data and existing customers. As each customer makes additional purchases or even begins the buying process, the recommendation engine delivers suggested items.

Deliver your recommendations:

Connected to a CRM, these recommendations maximize revenues by guiding sales teams on what products to recommend. Powering an e-commerce site, the smart recommendations are automatically directed to shoppers’ browsers, increasing the average basket purchase by ten to twenty percent.

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