Smart Product Recommendations

SP Richards, an online retailer of office supply products and part of the Genuine Parts Company, was managing sales data from online orders and their CRM data, containing orders from their resellers and distributors. Their online product suggestions were driven entirely by the defaults from their product data and they faced heavy competition from online competitors. They knew that to remain competitive they would need a technological advantage to compete with the world’s largest retailers. They found their advantage in EmcienPatterns.

Product Recommendations in Online Sales

Analyzing their online sales data with EmcienPatterns, SP Richards automatically extracted all of the strongest product associations, revealing precisely how customers were purchasing their products. These product recommendations were much stronger than the default product associations, and didn’t include the strange recommendations that are common with traditional recommender systems. Instead of product recommendations that often didn’t make any sense at all, the retailer was able to connect online shoppers with the most accurate “also-bought” items for each customer.

With Emcien’s modular, API-driven software, SP Richards was able to feed them into the existing e-commerce infrastructure, replacing the less-effective default recommendations. Immediately key performance metrics including average basket size and total total online revenues jumped significantly. With Emcien’s APIs the entire workflow was automated to pull sales data for analysis and then push the results back to the e-commerce platform for an end to end data factory driving smarter product recommendations. Over time, SP Richards’ customer buying patterns shift and products are replaced or changed, and the automated data factory adapts to these changes automatically, constantly tracking towards the most effective recommendations.

Business Value:

  • Increase online revenues by over 12.5% and growing.
  • Increase average basket size 13%.

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