Discover the connections within your data

An Easier Way to Discover Value in Data.

EmcienScan guides users through data by measuring their predictive strength, the measure of how information in one column of the data impacts the data in other columns. Emcien’s automated discovery software shows users what’s hidden inside their data.

Weak Data:

Strong Data:

See how EmcienScan automates data discovery, turning the slow and manual process into a seamless workflow without any coding or querying.

Emcien Scan shows the predictive strength of each data set.

The Universal Data Assessment Tool

EmcienScan gives users the availability to explore their data through measures of predictive strength, shown through an intuitive signal strength meter.

Highly connected and more predictive data shows a stronger signal on the predictability meter. Noisier, less predictive data show a weaker signal strength.

Behind the simple signal strength visual metric is an advanced data science solution that measures how different data affect each other, including numeric, categorical, and even multivariate data.

Use Case Discovery: Find out what’s possible with your data.

EmcienScan will quickly tell you how predictable any column in your data is, given all the data in your scan. The stronger the signal, the more easily that outcome can be predicted with the data you already have.

Emcien Scan Column Correlation

Emcien Scan Column Correlation

Visible Data Segmentation: See the connections that define your data.

Hidden inside your data are the naturally associated groups of columns that define your data. Scan identifies those natural groupings by their connected strength and displays them as a big-picture view across the scanned data.

Scan auto-discovered three unique segments in this customer data:

  • Finance

  • Time

  • Demographics

Data Profiling: Understand what’s in your data, including content type and quality.

  • Connected Strength
  • Data Type Detected
  • Range of Numeric Data
  • Number of Unique Values
  • Sample Data
  • Distribution
  • Outliers
Emcien Scan Column Correlation


Built for the Speed of IoT

At 100,000 rows per second, Scan is built to scale with your data.

In the Cloud or on a VM

On your device, inside your data center, or hosted in the cloud.

Autonomous Discovery

For numeric, categorical, or multivariate data. Hundreds of millions of rows and thousands of columns.

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