Product Capabilities

Finding the Connections Within Data

See the co-occurring connections within your data quickly using graph analytics

  • Get a 360 Degree View of Every Value in Your Data

    View how strongly connected all of your values are with any values they co-occurs with
  • See the Values in Data That Have no Natural Patterns

    Isolate the disconnected values that may be adding complexity to your environment
  • Find the Rare and Non-Obvious Connection Patterns

    Use the rare connections to understand the hidden effects of removing values from your environment

Creating Predictive Rules

Find every combination of data points in your set that lead to an outcome

  • Find the Top Drivers of Your Outcome

    See the frequent and impactful entries that can be used to predict an event's outcome the majority of the time
  • See the “Edge Conditions”

    The data-agnostic engine will quickly find very low frequency combinations with high conditional probability towards each result
  • Hint at Root Cause Analysis

    Knowing how combinations of data points lead to each variable empowers you to find what in your system is causing unwanted outcomes

Predicting an Outcome

Use predictive rules to automatically predict on new data in real-time

  • Make Prescriptive Predictions

    The rule-based prediction system makes easily understandable and prescriptive predictions
  • Make Predictions on a Range of Outcomes

    Predict on up to 20 separate outcomes with little effort and no subject matter expertise required
  • Predict on streaming data

    Whether in batch fashion or real-time with predictions on the edge, the EmcienPatterns prediction system can return answers to you instantly

Automating Predictions

Create an automated and recurring process that alerts you when predictions are made for an outcomce

  • Predictions for Every Transaction with No Effort

    Let the system run in the background, making a nearly limitless number of predictions per second
  • Build a Prediction Workstream

    With minimal configuration, have EmcienPatterns return predictions and reasons for any file dropped in a directory
  • Be Alerted for Predictions for Certain Outcomes

    As predictions are generated, be alerted for predictions on certain dangerous events, such as failure or churn