Big news! A key technology developed at Emcien has been patented.

The core of Emcien’s pattern detection technology is our ability to automatically identify valuable connections in data without requiring a user to query the data or interpret an image. This patent recognizes key components of that technology, including the unique ability to represent data in a self-organized structure.

That unique system is how Emcien users can click on an outcome in their data and be presented with all the rules, in order, that predict that outcome. Not only does this provide much more accurate predictive results, but discovering these predictive rules is so much easier than writing a query, or more likely a number of queries before coming to an acceptable answer.

So what does the patent, and the technology really mean? More accuracy, faster results, and less code-intensive trial and error in predictive analytics and data discovery.


If you’re interested in the technology itself, check out the patent:

The Patent


Just want the high-level info? Here’s the press release:

The Release