Predictive Prospecting: Find better leads.

How do you find prospects that are more likely to close?

Instead of grinding their way through a list of companies that might be good targets, your sales teams could be making targeted calls based on data-driven qualifiers.

Discover what you can do with your data:

EmcienScan can tell you everything you need to know about your data before you begin the analysis. You’ll know how strong the connections are inside your data for making predictions, how strong those predictions are, and what outcomes you can predict.

Predictive Prospecting:

56375873EmcienPatterns automatically identifies the unifying patterns that describe your customers’ defining characteristics. EmcienPredict then uses those patterns to identify prospects that are most likely to close.

Match traits to new prospects:

Once the analysis has identified the patterns that are predictive of your company’s customers, the EmcienPredict module will predict on prospect data to identify successful targets.

Prioritize your sales efforts:

Your sales team will know exactly who to call and why. With predictive lead prospecting you’ll be more successful, more efficient, and more profitable.

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