How do you make predictions on streaming
and machine-generated data?

Querying test data for predictive relationships is a slow, plodding process. The Emcien approach uses automated machine learning technology to extract predictive patterns and make predictions on new data, even predicting on streaming data in real time.

map-blackDiscover patterns in machine data:

The Emcien pre-analysis tool, EmcienScan, is used first to identify the most predictive data.

Making Predictions:

molecule-icon-6bEmcienPatterns analyzes this machine data and will automatically identify the common and repetitive data as noise, isolating the remaining valuable patterns as a ranked list of rules.

Rapid, accurate predictions at any speed:

predict100bThe EmcienPredict module is a lightweight application designed to scale predictions to the needs of Enterprise and IoT. Analysts can apply predictions to new data on a server or a local machine.

Prescriptive analytics, automated:

But the industrial Internet and enterprise data science are not limited to the data lab. EmcienPredict modules can also be implemented at the data source, making predictions on streaming data on the device itself for distributed, predictive analytics.

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