Predicting Truck Brake System Failure

This article outlines how Emcien can be used to analyze vehicle warranty data and even identify trends that can be used to preempt costly fleet repairs and recalls.

Note: This article uses the TX Truck Warranty data set.


  1. Using your preferred Internet Browser, navigate to the Emcien sign in page:
  2. On the Home page click TX Truck.


    The Dashboard page for the TX Truck data set is shown. This page gives you a quick overview of the general shape of the data set, including connected and disconnected values, total categories, and the total number of connections.

  3. Click on the Categories number to see the complete list of categories in the data.

  4. Scroll down the categories page until you see the category you are looking for. In this case we are investigating brake failures and will have to navigate to the second page of categories to find the Brake System Failure category.

  5. At the Category Details page we see the different bands for brake system failure. The lowest range contains 2,580 brake failures before a warranty might have run out. Because this analysis contains 35 different categories for each entry, we can click on the item 51-70K Brake System Failure and see the Item Detail page for that data point.

  6. The Item Detail is listed in the order of connection strength, but this view may require some interpretation. For example, the first item listed is the North region. Location may have some affect on how the brakes wear, but features like standard air conditioning or paint may not.

  7. Click View Predictors on the right hand column to see the predictors of 51-70K Brake System Failure. The Predictors page shows items ranked by a combination of strength and frequency, but by sorting by probability we can see the combination of items that are most likely to occur with the 51-70K Brake System Failure item.

Emcien’s analysis engine automatically identifies these predictive rules and allows you to navigate to the item that you want to predict. Through Emcien APIs the analysis can be automated from ingestion, to transformation, to automating service programming to prevent larger costs down the road.