Predicting Return on Assets

This article outlines how you can find the predictors of Return on Assets (ROA) using Emcien.

Note: This article uses the FDIC ROA example data set.

Align your data with a use case

This walkthrough uses the FDIC-ROA data set. Click on the file name below to download the data.


Optimize your data.

In order for Emcien to identify patterns of what leads to either good or bad ROA, it is important that the data being analyzed includes dependent variables, or the outcomes you want to predict.

Upload your data for analysis.

This article covers how to upload data files to Emcien using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Make sure you've prepared your data before uploading to Emcien. Check out the Preparing Your Data article for more information. You can also email us at [email protected] for help getting started.

In Emcien version 2.14 you can now drag and drop files into the application for processing.  If you are using a previous version you can use one of the other methods listed below.

Simply open the Emcien application and select “Upload Data” Select the file that you wish to process, then drag and drop it onto the Upload Data screen Once it has finished uploading you can then click on “Analyze This Data” to process the file.

You can upload data files to Emcien using SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and your preferred FTP client, such as FileZilla or Cyberduck.

To connect to Emcien using your FTP client, use the following credentials:


Username: {Your Emcien Feeds server Username}

Password: {Your Emcien Feeds server Password}

Launch your preferred FTP client. If you do not have a preferred FTP client, we recommend Cyberduck.

For this article, we use screenshots of Cyberduck.

Click Open Connection.

Enter the below credentials and click Connect.

Your FTP client will then display the files on your server.

Server: Your Emcien URL. This URL was set by your IT resource during installation.



Drag and drop your data file to the server files in your FTP application.

On the Emcien home page click Analyze Data. You’ll see the data files on this screen.

Click the Start button . The Start menu is displayed.

On the Start menu, click Computer. The Computer folder is displayed.

Right-click anywhere in the folder and click Add a network location.

The Add Network Connection wizard is displayed. Click Next.

On the next tab,select Choose a custom network location. Click Next.

On the next tab, enter your Emcien URL.

This URL was set by your IT resource during installation. Ensure you include FTP:// at the beginning of the URL.

Then click Next.

Clear the Log on anonymously checkbox.

Type data in the username field. Click Next.

On the next tab, name your shortcut Emcien by typing it in the Type a name for this network location field. Click Next.

On the next tab, click Finish.

Type feeds1 in the password field. Check the Save password checkbox so you can connect directly in the future.

Click Log On. You can now drag data files into this folder.

On the Emcien home page, click Analyze Data. You’ll see the data files on this screen.

Begin your analysis.

Click on the Analyze Data button You will then need to select the data file that you uploaded or “Drag and Dropped” for analysis.  Next you will enter the category that we want to have Emcien Predict:  ROA 

Enter a report name or except the default created and click “Start Analysis”

The application will transfer the data into Emcien, parse it for processing, compute all of the connections and predictions, and then load all of the data for the analysis.  Go to the next step in the process to “View Analysis”

See your results.

Click on “View Analysis”


The Dashboard page for the FDIC ROA data set is displayed. On the Dashboard page, you can view the number of connected data values, the number of transactions analyzed, and more information.

On the Dashboard page, you will see Predicting: “ROA”. 

Click on View under the Outcome Items.

The Category Details page for the ROA category is displayed. This page displays all the items associated with ROA.

In our example we are interested in what Predicts a “Low” ROA. 

Click on “Low” to display the Item detail.

You will see that there are 639 Predictive Rules for this item.

Click on “View Predictive Rules” to display the list of those items that predict “Poor”.

A Prediction Rule Search is displayed for the “Poor” item. This page displays all the predictive rules for “Poor” ROA.  To learn more about the columns in the data you can hover your mouse over each for a more detailed description.

If you click on the “Tell Me” icon ,

a pop up will display more information about that specific item in the list.

Based on the data that was processed the system can predict that if the Capital Leverage is “Very High”, Deposit Growth is “Negative”, Loan Growth is “Negative” and CDs are “High” there is a 100% probability of a “Poor” ROA.

Predictions can be automated through Emcien's APIs to direct other systems or software. For more on this, see: