Churn Prediction: Predict and prevent customer churn

What makes your customers churn and how can you predict and prevent it?

Preventing customer churn represents a major opportunity for revenue enhancement and customer retention.

What Predicts Churn:

Getting in front of customer churn means knowing why your customers leave. Direct EmcienScan to your data source and it will identify the categories that predict churn.

Automated Churn Prediction:

sales-churnCustomers don’t always churn because of a single, obvious factor but often a combination of factors. EmcienPatterns identifies the corresponding factors that indicate churn and match them to your current customers.

Reveal the Patterns of Churn:

The data is then analyzed with EmcienPatterns. This analysis will identify all of the factors that indicate a customer is likely to churn, down to the item level, even revealing the co-occurring factors that lead to churn.

Predicting on Current Customers:

With the predictive churn patterns identified in the analysis, they can now be applied by EmcienPredict to make individual predictions on each customer. EmcienPredict will show you who will churn, how likely each is to churn, and why.

These predictions make it easy to target customers proactively, addressing the specific issues that indicate churn for each customer. Use this information to guide customer service representatives, discounts, ads, and automatically trigger customer experience improvements.

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