Automated rule extraction and real-time predictions.

Predictive Solutions for the Modern Enterprise

EmcienPatterns will reveal all of the complex rules that predict any outcome in your data. View these rules by a number of important metrics or apply all of the rules to make highly accurate predictions on new data.
You can even use the Patterns API to automate predictions and other real-time analytics functions.

Patterns are automatically extracted for prescriptive analytics.

See how automated pattern detection reveals the combinations of data points that predict any event or outcome in your data.

Find Every Connection in Your Data

Patterns automatically discovers relationships across the analyzed data set and organizes them by the relative strength of their connections.

Discover every pattern in data and use advanced machine learning algorithms to guide your analysis

Reveal patterns in data that predict device failure.
Find patterns in human-generated text to predict and classify your audience.

Identify the Predictive Rules for your Category of Interest

Select the category you want to predict and Patterns will show you, in order of importance, what data points combine to predict that outcome.

Assess the Predictive Strength of Your Data

Not all data is equally predictive. The Patterns Predict feature scores the predictions you can make with the analyzed data.

Patterns Assessing the Predictive Strength of your data



Emcien gives you precise, verifiable answers that can be used for visualizations or to trigger specific actions in other systems.


Works on your laptop for “smaller” data up to a 64-core server for Enterprise and power users.


Analyze the relationships across the entire data set, not just a limited number of variables you select.

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