Emcien Announces the Release of EmcienScan, Machine Learning for Automated Data Discovery

New software automates data discovery and exploration, dramatically reducing time and costs associated with data wrangling, data movement, cleansing and preparation.


EmcienScan automatically discovers the connections in the data to help companies isolate and focus on the high-value parts of their data.

  • Automated data exploration identifies the quality and connectedness of data for value discovery
  • EmcienScan helps users very quickly evaluate their data and reduces up to 50% of data efforts by focusing cleansing and analysis on high value data.
  • Highly adaptive design allows EmcienScan to connect to nearly any data source

Emcien officially announces the release of EmcienScan, the automated data exploration solution to accelerate data discovery and reduce the costs and time spent in data wrangling and preparation.

Early adopters have already discovered that EmcienScan saves hours of unnecessary work by identifying valuable and predictive relationships in data before any data cleansing or exploratory analysis. Simply dragging data into the software eliminates the long, fruitless hours of cleansing that often lead to nowhere. Now, with EmcienScan, they are presented with the predictive relationships in a matter of seconds. Without any coding or querying, the software identifies where the value is in each data source, reveals what can be done with the data, and isolates valuable data from the noise.

The new software’s connective abilities allow it to integrate with many different data sources, performing scans on data in traditional data storage solutions, modern distributed data frameworks like Hadoop, HDFS, and others, and even smaller data for business users. Emcien hardware and solutions partners will be able to integrate EmcienScan into their offerings for automated data discovery across networks, platforms, and everywhere else there is data in the enterprise.

To learn more about EmcienScan or to see a demonstration of EmcienScan, go to emcien.com or email [email protected].

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