A live talk about practical pattern discovery
with Ericsson’s Bjorn Johansson

Bjorn Johansson, Executive Director of Operations at Ericsson speaks about several implementations of Emcien’s automated analytics solution. Under Bjorn’s nearly two decades at Ericsson the company has been marked by a transition towards data and analytics driven decision making. Today Bjorn is overseeing the implementation of automated analytics processes across multiple sectors of the organization.

The solutions cover a range of practical applications:

  • Discovering Key Performance Indicators: Many companies use models to measure the progress of ongoing projects. Ericsson is using Emcien’s software to analyze thousands of ongoing projects automatically.
  • Network performance optimization: Cell tower networks create enormous amounts of streaming data. Ericsson is analyzing this data to determine what factors, including weather, are affecting network performance in real time.
  • Process optimization: Ericsson uses Emcien software to identify the weak points across more than 20,000 ongoing activities.
  • Financial fingerprinting: Want to know what makes a business successful? Bjorn’s team reduced profits and losses down to the “fingerprints” that predict successful, high margin projects.