We announced today the release of an extensive update of automated data analysis capabilities. Emcien users will now have point-and-click access to predictive and prescriptive analytics. Emcien is currently deployed across multiple sectors including telecommunications, retail, and banking.

Features included in the new update include:

  • Predictors: Emcien automatically generates the predictive rules for a particular outcome or event. This capability can be used to guide rule-based systems and prioritize response based on severity.
  • Impact Report: Users can see the impact of a strong pattern sequence in their data. For example, an analyst investigating customer churn may discover the sequence of events that cause churn. Knowing which customers are experiencing any of these events helps close the loop by prompting a call from a customer service representative or triggering automatic rewards.
  • Extended APIs: Emcien is improving its ability to integrate with visualization and reporting tools. Emcien’s automatic data analysis can now be more easily viewed in more familiar and existing visualization tools, such as Tableau.

Each of these new features gives our clients more advanced data science capabilities without the need for extensive data cleansing, modeling or queries. Our customers are able to use the Emcien user interface or API, and even customize the platform to specific business needs through a range of innovative, purpose-built applications.