Emcien Awarded Patent for Self-Querying System That Enables Automated Analytics

Emcien announced today the issuance of US patent 9,171,046, a key component of the company’s automated data analysis software. The technology is a form of advanced machine learning that can be thought of as an automatic self-querying engine or system, enabling an automated process for the detection of highly relevant patterns in data.


This technology is already being used in industries including healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, and others to automate the data analysis process and help companies become more predictive and solve complex problems.

  • Discovers root-causes of outcomes like machine failure, customer churn, and others.
  • Highlights the predictive patterns for events of interest
  • Massive and rapid data reduction by detecting patterns in data
  • Eliminate the need for manually intensive hypothesis testing and query-based data analysis

The patent represents a major advance in the field of analytics by offering a common method for numerical and categorical data within the same data set. This is particularly relevant for analyzing data from the connected devices of the Internet of Things, where much of the data is categorical. The innovation eliminates the need to convert categorical data before analysis, a common practice for prevalent approaches to data analysis.

The growth of the digital economy continues to accelerate the creation of new data. With the increasing number of connected devices and automated solutions, this rate of increase can only continue. The Emcien announcement offers a solution for companies and organizations struggling with this continued data creation, allowing them to make sense of their data quickly enough to act before it becomes outdated.

By automating the identification of patterns in data, Emcien’s pattern detection engine has created an entirely unique approach to extracting actionable knowledge from data. While other methods of data analysis are rooted in creating queries based on a hypothesis, Emcien’s software solutions automatically identify the relationships in data, allowing users to select an outcome and be presented with the data points related to that item.

The result is the self-querying database solution, giving business users and data experts a faster, easier solution for understanding their data. Emcien gives users the ability to make accurate predictions, and take data-guided actions.
To learn more about Emcien or to see a demonstration of a specific Emcien solution, go to emcien.com or email hello(at)emcien(dot)com.

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