Analyzing Network Data

Network Data

Do you know what’s really on your network?

Emcien’s network data solutions eliminate the noise from network data to isolate only the data analysts need. Track the activity on your network and act to prevent service interruptions, attacks, and other unwanted activity.

Identify the right data:

EmcienScan is the data exploration tool, telling you which parts of your data are predictive, giving you an early idea of what can be done with the data and how viable those predictions will be.

Preventing network attacks:

network-securityKnowing the patterns of traffic on your network is crucial to understanding how you can protect the network from real-time attacks and make strategic changes. Use Emcien to discover and predict unwanted activity in your network data and act to change the outcome.

Discover patterns of attack:

Knowing the patterns that predict an attack will make you better prepared to intervene and prevent it.

EmcienPatterns will perform the complete analysis, revealing patterns of all of your network traffic data, including patterns for network attacks.

Protect your network:

In the hands of the network administrator this predictive data helps in planning network security measures to prevent the most common and costly attacks. With the predictive module, EmcienScan, the network can be monitored constantly to identify threatening traffic as it occurs.

Prescriptive analytics in real time:

With the patterns that predict network attack identified through analysis, those predictive rules are then applied to new network data in real time. The EmcienPredict module will apply those predictions to network traffic, identifying potentially threatening traffic in real time. These predictions can be used to trigger warnings, or can even prescriptive actions to thwart the attack.

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