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Emcien customers continue to find more ways to turn big data problems into innovative new solutions. Here are a few of our favorites:


Our telecom customers use Emcien software to solve a number of data problems, ranging from network analysis to project management. Emcien  helps them to manage enormous amounts of data, solve the most complex problems, and in many cases completely automate the entire process, going from raw incoming data, analyzing it for recurring patterns, then using that knowledge to act on new incoming data, all without human intervention.

Our clients are transforming the industry through unique solutions built with Emcien’s technologies and software at their core.

  • Network Performance Optimization
  • Process Optimization
  • more


Manufacturers have some of the most difficult and complicated data of any industry. While not necessarily “big” data, manufacturing data is a mix of wide, complex mix of numbers, features, and parts names. Making sense of the supply chain and the different model configurations is just the kind of job that Emcien technologies are perfect for.

Emcien’s manufacturing clients not only know more about their entire supply chain than their competition, but can make strategic decisions about product mix to minimize production costs and focus on the configurations that will maximize sales.

Analyzing sales data with Emcien also allows manufacturers to transform their parts sales and create modern online ordering systems that will guide buyers to the right parts quickly and easily.

  • Complexity reduction
  • Inventory


Healthcare is the next data frontier. Emcien allows large healthcare organizations to see across large and complex data sources to identify predictive patterns, make predictions on realtime streaming data, and identify fraudulent activity in payments and billing.

  • Billing fraud detection
  • Realtime predictions
  • Root-cause analysis


Modern retailing is built on data. In order to compete with the largest online retailers, even the mid-sized retailers are having to turn to data experts. Emcien’s data analysis software can deliver targeted recommendations that will dramatically increase average basket size to drive more revenue and connect your customers to the products they actually want.

  • Self-learning recommendation engine
  • Basket analysis
  • Customer segmentation

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