What if every order your sales team placed was missing 15% in additional revenue? What if it was even more than that?

We see this pretty often. If your company sells even a small variety of products there could be a sizeable amount of revenue missing from your sales. These are revenues that affect performance at every level, from the sales team’s quota to the company’s quarterly reports.

B2C companies have been chasing this missing revenue for decades. Their marketing departments create promotions and coupons to entice customers to add more items to their shopping carts. Grocery stores in the US and abroad pioneered the rewards card, allowing them to capture data and analyze customer buying preferences and incentivize additional purchases.

Knowing how customers liked to shop allowed these companies to tailor offers to their shoppers and essentially create more purchases from past sales and new offers. Today there are a few online retailers who have used these techniques and more to maximize their competitive advantage. Amazon in particular has become the poster-child for online recommendations.
B2C companies have been chasing this missing revenue for decades.

We talk to many companies that want to increase revenues through their CRM, but even they are surprised to find how easy it can be to connect historical sales analysis back into the CRM.


The other thing that surprises them is the potential revenue that is available on many of their “successful” deals. Analysis with the Emcien engine reveals the potential add-ons for each deal and potential up-sell items for each order.

These are helpful, but the whole picture is finally completed when sales management and their teams see the recommendations for Cross-Sell and Up-Sell appear directly in their CRM as items are quoted or existing customers are shown.


Our customers move beyond spotty CRM data with product recommendations directly in their existing CRM.

When your team members create a quote or click on an existing customer, Emcien will automatically insert highly targeted up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, guiding your sales reps to that hidden revenue and larger purchase order on every call. You’ll see bigger deals, higher revenues, and bigger profits, all without changing your workflow or making your team learn a new system.