What do you know about your customers?

Enticing a customer to buy, click, or follow means matching what you know about your customers with the right content. Emcien automatically identifies the natural segmentation of your audience to match characteristics with the likelihood each user will click.

Identify the right data:

EmcienScan will automatically identify the relevant and predictive customer data, showing you what you can accomplish with the data.

Identify the natural segmentation of your customers:

EmcienPatterns then analyzes your data to determine the natural groups that make up your customer segments. You’ll see all of the different kinds of audience members arranged by their predicted outcome. EmcienPatterns takes all of the different factors that make up the groups and turns them into predictive rules.

Refine your message:

37005526Now that you know the natural makeup of your audience it becomes easier to define what will appeal to each of those groups. These rules help you define the audience and create targeted messaging to guide your audience to action.

Predict on new users:

Those predictive rules are then used to describe your new audience members. For each user you will know how likely he is to buy and what he is most likely to buy, showing you what prompt is most likely to be effective.


Better messaging, more highly targeted, reaching the people they were meant for. Micro-segmentation will improve your overall response rates by ensuring that ads are matched to the groups they were designed for, giving you improved overall response rate.

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