Introducing EmcienScan:

Our regular EmcienPatterns users know that Emcien is the quickest way to get from raw data to a deep understanding of the entire data set. With EmcienScan we’ve created a simple, incredibly fast way to get down to the important relationships in data.

It’s not the deep connections and insights you’re used to getting from EmcienPatterns, but a rapid exploration tool that will help everyone from your average Excel jockey to advanced data scientists discover the value that’s hiding in their data. EmcienScan will tell you about the column-level relationships on any size data set. You’ll know what’s predictable, what’s related, and what’s simply noise before any data cleansing or querying takes place.

For those who work with the same data day in and day out, EmcienScan may not be exactly what they’re looking for. But for those analysts and data experts who spend all their time cleansing, querying, and model building we think you’ll save tons of time and effort getting to your answer.

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Want to see how EmcienScan will change the way you work with data? Click here to talk to an Emcien rep and see a demo.