Underlying Technology

Self-updating analysis powering real-time prescriptions

Turning Analytics On Its Head

A team of perfectly orchestrated engines

A team of two autonomous, perfectly orchestrated engines work in concert to power EmcienPatterns. The Analysis engine learns in the background, feeding rules to the Prediction engine, which in turn uses them to determine outcomes and actions continuously.

Graph analysis at the core

Graphs are data-agnostic and fundamentally about the relationships between all data points, so we use graph analysis to discover relevant connections across all of your data – unstructured, dirty, categorical – at unbeatable speeds with no data prep.

Powered by machine learning

Emcien is 100% machine-driven so you don’t have to lift a finger. It learns without having to be taught. It’s not limited by human bias, doesn’t take months, won’t create insight lag or opportunity cost, and requires zero human effort – no prep, queries, coding, or modeling.

The Analysis Engine

Generates predictive rules
from historical data

Value from all of your
data with zero prep

Have dirty data? Missing values? Categorical and numerical data? Unstructured data? No problem. Unlike other tools that can’t analyze the data you have without extensive prep or cleansing first, Emcien’s Analysis engine is tolerant and flexible. Our data-agnostic graph accesses, parses, and analyzes all of your data, regardless of data quality or type. From any department or industry. For any outcome. So say goodbye to laborious data set-up and cleansing. And say hello to maximizing value from your data.

The quickest path
to the signal

Zeroing in on all the important, relevant connections in your data is hard, with high-effort required to produce less-than-perfect results. But with graph analysis, powered by the latest innovations in combinatorial math, Emcien’s Analysis engine does the heavy lifting for you, finding the complex signal hiding in a sea of noise. In record time, the engine connects all data values that co-occur, defocuses the myriad irrelevant connections that block or blur the signal, and unmasks strings of relevant connections – the predictive patterns that lead to outcomes.

A self-generating model

The Analysis engine turns predictive patterns into their simplest form: a set of rules. Most rules engines create an explosion of rules that grinds data analysis to a halt. But Emcien’s patented rule generation methodology creates the smallest set of rules capable of high-accuracy prediction, ensuring unprecedented analysis speed. Unlike standard statistics, Emcien’s rules method captures the many critical interaction effects between variables in order to more accurately reflect the complexity of our world. This concise, but sophisticated, rule set is a nimble model that updates itself as often as data patterns change.

The Prediction Engine

Uses rules to predict outcomes and
prescribe actions on new data

Everything you need to act
at the speed of business

Everyone wants to know what actions to take moment-to-moment to get the best results. The Prediction engine imports rhttps://emcien.com/files/ules from the analysis engine and compares them to new, incoming data (real-time or batch). the rule set is uniquely concise. as a result, the prediction engine can quickly identify the relevant rules for that transaction, record, or event; use those rules to form an aggregate prediction about the probable outcome and its likelihood; and reveal the most influential rules used in the prediction so actions can be derived.

Plays well with everything

Many analytical tools are standalone applications that cause needless context switching and prevent you from acting quickly. Emcien is analytics inside your existing workflow – right where it’s needed. Through Emcien’s API, answers can be integrated into any screen of most any business application or sent to any system that manages a part of operations. And because Emcien’s answers are uniquely formatted to be universally readable, both humans and machines can easily understand them and act. Because Emcien compliments existing technology, there’s no need to rip-and-replace, and you can get started in a flash with minimal setup.

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Andy Mitchell

VP, Business Development

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