Know exactly how to improve your business outcomes

Emcien’s prescriptive analytics software converts your data to clear action items, empowering your workforce to improve every outcome and realize max value from data.

From customer churn to profitability, downtime, and beyond, Emcien gives you clear action items to improve business outcomes.

Teams shouldn’t have to struggle to use data to their advantage. With Emcien, your teams and systems are empowered with a steady stream of clear action items to improve every business outcome.

Fully Automated Software


Reveals what’s in your data, its value, and its ability to predict business outcomes.

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Predicts outcomes, provides supporting evidence, and clear action items for improvement.

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Global telco takes analytics to the next level

“This will change the way we do business. Only Emcien handles today’s complexity with ease, speed, and scale.”

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Experience Analytics Like You Never Thought Possible

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