Glossary of Terms

This article features a collection of terms and phrases used within EmcienPatterns.

A numeric or categorical data point contained in a field in a data file.  Analogous to a cell in an Excel file, an item will appear on the Connections Graph in an analysis within EmcienPatterns

A transaction is a collection of items that occur at the same time. Similar to a row in a CSV data file if using the EmcienPatterns Wide format.

How likely an outcome is to be the correct answer, based on the observed data

 2 or more items that have been found together in a transaction in the data.  The default setting in EmcienPatterns is configured for a pattern of data to exist at least 3 times in the data for it to be counted as a cluster.

 An item (or group of items) that give more information about the outcome of the dependent category. EmcienPatterns uses all of the rules it generates to make predictions

A category is a heading for a collection of items. For instance, the columns in an excel file would be the categories within a wide file.

A ranking of connections among a set of items with the purpose of distinguishing meaningful patterns from noise.

Number of 2 item clusters to and from this item, before removing the noisy connections.

How likely the connected items are present when the Anchor item is present.

The frequency of this item compared to the category as a whole.