Emcien is looking for an experienced software engineer with a focus on front-end web development to help build and improve our web applications used to present the analysis in our products. We work at the intersections of graph theory, information theory, statistics and machine learning, which lends to exciting and challenging problems to solve on a daily basis. We hire engaged and hard-working engineers who are open to learning complex concepts. We care about doing things the right way and take pride in our code.

Emcien develops two products based on a patented pattern-detection engine. Using the mathematical concept of sparse matrix graphs, we build applications solving a diverse set of interesting business analytics problems.

As a software engineer, your day-to-day work is a balance of software engineering and data science. Your work will range from:

Whiteboarding and Conceptual Discussions where we wrestle through ideas
like conditional probability and prediction scoring. Time-on-whiteboard is
mainly to flesh out ideas, bookmark good ones, and agree on next steps.

Writing Code in our web applications. Since we own our codebase for the
long haul, we have an intense focus on code smell, refactoring, pair
programming, and product excellence. While we have high individual standards,
we work closely as a team to share ideas, mentor, and train. We have weekly
deep-dives into engineering topics, sanctioned side-project time, and
participate in meetups & hackathons.

Communicating Data Science Concepts to Business End Users is sometimes
the most difficult part. How do you address a business users problem by using
language and concepts that non-technical people understand? As you
communicate data science results to non-technical people, how do you use
methapors that are not too leaky? How do you avoid confirmation biases?
Closing the gap between science & user needs is one of the most rewarding
aspects of our work. This role does not have direct contact with user
interfaces, but the results from our analyitcal engine need to align with the
customer experience.

Ruthless Bumperpool Matches,
where we take breaks from our hard work for some light competition against
our peers. We have pushed the game with shots like ‘around-the-worlds’, ‘tipper gores’, and ‘smash-n-pray’.

This work is both challenging and energizing. The payoff is hearing stories
from our customers explaining how Patterns, for example, helps solve problems
no other solution (R, SAS, Hadoop, etc.) has ever solved. And the icing is that
we often solve large problems in minutes, where modeling and map-reduce take
hours, if not days.

To see a small sample of our work, please take a look at some of our videos:

Tools We Use

  • Git for source control and versioning
  • Jira for issue tracking and sprint management
  • Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and Javascript for serving a web
  • C for development on our analytics engine application to present the results of our analysis
  • Linux, Amazon Web Services and Virtual Machines for buildingand deploying our applications

Skills & Requirements

  • Solid working knowledge of object-oriented Javascript: understanding of objects, closures, scoping, prototypes, hoisting, callbacks, the DOM
  • Core knowledge of how HTTP works and how the frontend works with the backend server
  • Experience working with JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone, Anguler, Ember or React
  • Strong ability to grasp new and complex concepts in math, computer science and engineering
  • Ownership of the product lifecycle from system design through deployment
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to mentor other engineers in small teams
  • Demonstrated experiencing delivering production ready code to customers
  • Comfortable on the linux command-line (beyond `ls` and `cd`)

Nice to Have

  • Experience with Ruby on Rails servers on the backend
  • Experience creating data viualizations using D3.js
  • Willingness to wear multiple hats; we own our operations infrastructure and all engineers take part in building and maintaining it
  • Understanding of Linux systems, management and administration
  • Comfortable exploring and assessing new technologies
  • Thoughtful software design that minimizes technical debt and is built to last, not just fix the plumbing
  • Basic understanding of core concepts in statistics and probability, maybe even Bayes’ Theorem
  • Interest in graph theory, information theory or machine learning

To Apply

Please send your resume [email protected] along with either of the following:

  • Your answers to our Frontend Engineering Test
  • A code sample in JavaScript: an open source project, a simple “To Do” app (or similar), or 3 Project Euler problems from ID 15 or higher

Note: Emcien does not sponsor any Visas. All Engineers work out of our Atlanta Headquarters