Frequently Asked Questions

What EmcienPatterns does with your data and how it calculates its results

What kind of data can I analyze?

EmcienPatterns can find the predictive patterns in almost any kind of data using our different file formats. However, the software is ideally suited for predictive analysis and finding the co-occurring patterns in data. Although it is possible to do variants of forecasting and time series analyses with EmcienPatterns, they require more data preparation and we recommend to start with a different use case if possible.

Does EmcienPatterns show me all of the predictive rules in my data?

To ensure a fast analysis while maintaining high prediction accuracy, 0 generates and displays pruned set of predictive rules from the data set rather than every predictive rule. A rule may be pruned for several reasons, but the most common reason a pattern isn't in the analysis is that there is another rule that exists in all of the same transactions that results in a higher conditional probability towards an outcome.

What can I do to increase my prediction accuracy?

If you would like to raise your prediction scores, try adding more columns to your data to create more patterns in the data. This can be done through derivative data as suggested in our article on data types

Can I make changes to my predictive rules?

EmcienPatterns Generates and displays a complete list of rules which are used in automated predictions. To view a curated list of your rules, try filtering through various rules in the rule search link under the menu in the top right of the screen.

Can I generate rules for multiple categories at one time?

EmcienPatterns can only generate rules for a single category during each analysis. Generating rules for multiple categories will require multiple analyses.

What format does data have to be in for it to be analyzed?

EmcienPatterns can explore any data that is organized in rows and columns, with each column having a header. To find out more, see our article on Data Types.

Why doesn't my data have any patterns or clusters?

When analyzing a sufficient amount of data, not having any clusters is a sure sign of data being formatted improperly. Ensure that there are co-occurring patterns in the data, and if you are using the Long Format, ensure that each transaction_id spans more than one row.

What you need to know to get EmcienPatterns up and running

Does EmcienPatterns need to be installed on a server, or can it be installed on a computer or laptop?

EmcienPatterns was designed to be able to analyze large amounts of data very quickly. With that in mind, we recommend installing on a server with a large amount of RAM, Cores, and Hard drive space.  However, if you don't have access to a large server and only have a laptop or computer for installation, EmcienPatterns can still analyze your data, although it may be slower and have a smaller maximum data size that it can explore.

Can I install the EmcienPatterns Virtual Machine on top of another Virtual Machine?

We strongly suggest that EmcienPatterns be installed as a virtual applicance through a hypervisor or on an OS running directly on the host OS's hardware. However, it is possible in the Proof of Concept stage to install it as a virtual machine on top of a virtual machine as long as the virtualization software supports that capability and hardware assisted virtualization is exposed to the guest OS.