Installing Emcien Software with Oracle VirtualBox

Emcien supports two different deployment methods, via the Cloud or Via an On-premise installation.  

Cloud Access

The fastest way to get started with Emcien is to leverage Emcien's Cloud solution where you can log in immediately and begin analyzing your data.  Contact our sales team if you don't have a login account yet and get started today!

On-Premise Installation

For those users who need to analyze their data on-premise this article will walk you through the process of installing Emcien on a local machine. With virtualization software, you will be able to run Emcien on almost any hardware, including laptops, desktops, and enterprise scale hardware.

Minimum Desktop or Laptop Requirements

Virtualization Software

The simplest option is to use the Emcien software on your laptop or desktop. We recommend Oracle’s VirtualBox for easy local installation on laptops and smaller desktops.

Disk Space

500GB of Hard Drive Space


8GB of RAM




Step 1: Download the Emcien Software

Click here to download the Emcien software.

Step 2: Install your preferred virtualization software

If you do not already have a preferred virtualization software, Emcien recommends VirtualBox. Downloading and installing VirtualBox will only take a few minutes.

Step 3: Install Emcien using VirtualBox

  1. Unzip the file

  2. Double click emcien-x.x.ova 

  1. Configure the number of CPUs and the amount of RAM you will allow Emcien to use.

    CPU: The more CPUs Emcien can use, the faster it will process data. You can allow up to the number of CPUs on your laptop or desktop. This will slow down other applications (like Microsoft Word). We suggest that you use half of your laptop or desktop CPUs to ensure Emcien and other applications can function properly. For example, if you have 4 CPUs, give Emcien 2 CPUs.

    RAM: The more RAM Emcien can access, the larger the data sets it can analyze. However, the memory you give Emcien will not be available to your computer while the EmcienVM is running, so do not specify more RAM than necessary.  We suggest you give Emcien 50% of your laptop or desktop’s RAM. For example, if you have 16GB of RAM, give Emcien 8GB.  

  2. Click Import.

Step 4: Setting up your first user

Now that you have Emcien installed, it is time to start the software and create your first user.

  1. Click the Start Arrow

  2. Clicking start will open a window with instructions to navigate to the software. In your web browser (ie. Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) go to http://localhost:5115.

  3. You can also click this link http://localhost:5115 to open the EmcienVM software. Follow the instructions within the software to create your first Company and User.

Step 5: Licensing

You should already have the Emcien software installed and your first user created. The next step is to upload an Emcien License. If you do not have an Emcien License, please contact [email protected].


Select the license file and click “Upload”. This process may take as long as two minutes.



Your Emcien Automated Analytics Platform is ready to use! For walkthroughs, help documentation, and instructional videos please visit

The EmcienVM is an Ubuntu Linux operating system. You will log into the VM software to manage some settings including hostnames, SSL certifications, etc. or manage backups. If you need a username and password please contact [email protected].