Go from data to answers in minutes.

EmcienPatterns, Emcien’s Data Analysis Platform, provides complete and automated analysis by revealing the patterns in data, analyzing those connections, and delivering answers through a simple interface.

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Precomputes the connections in your data

Load your data into EmcienPatterns and in minutes the engine has created a comprehensive view of the complex relationships contained within the data set.


Detects and ranks the patterns in your data without running a single query

EmcienPatterns then measures those connections, quantifying the relationships between data values. Understanding these patterns across the entire data set gives EmcienPatterns a deeper view of the data to identify the most relevant and important connections.

Identifies the Predictive Elements

Ranking the connections across the entire data set allows Emcien’s Pattern Detection Engine to determine the predictors for a selected data point. Click on a data value or outcome, and EmcienPatterns gives you the causes, the direction of the relationship (cause vs. effect), and a measurement of the connection’s predictive strength.   Watch Video

Our software automatically detects patterns in your data.