EmcienScan for Analytics Consulting

Teams of analysts and data scientists working in centers of excellence and in consulting firms are constantly deluged with new and unknown data. Each new data dump means large databases that are messy, poorly documented, and full of missing and duplicate values, and these teams’ job is to turn data dumps into something valuable. That used to mean extensive efforts in profiling and cleaning the data and days of exploratory queries in a search for sources of value.

For teams that have EmcienScan deployed in their datacenter, this manual profiling and exploration is ancient history. Whether it’s the Center of Excellence team inside a multinational telecom or consulting firms helping clients around the globe, Emcien customers have found EmcienScan is a better way to discover value in data. Instead of manually plotting and profiling data, EmcienScan becomes the lens through which these teams first view their data.

Where projects once consisted of days of manually querying data, finding distributions column by column, and trying to discover outliers and erroneous entries. Scan accelerates the entire process, automatically finding centers of value, identifying a full array of statistics for each column, and even generating SQL queries to discover and address outliers.

These teams have cut the time they spend working with data down to a fraction of what it once took, allowing them to focus efforts on creating real value.

Business Value:

  • Hundreds of hours saved

  • Accelerated time to value

  • Remove bias and improve accuracy

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