Emcien Quick Requirements Guide

Step 1: Minimum Requirements

Performed by IT Resource

  1. What do I need to get started?
    • VMware vCenter 5.1 or higher (See here for more details)
    • Compatible hardware:
      • At least 16GB RAM
      • At least 500 GB hard drive
      • Intel or AMD x86 processor with at least 4 logical cores, each with a speed of at least 2GHz
  2. What will Emcien provide?
    • Emcien analytics software
    • Pre-loaded sample data sets
    • Bandit: Emcien's automated banding module (optional)

Step 2: Installing Emcien

Performed by IT Resources

  1. How do I install the Emcien?
  2. What if I’m interested in the Bandit?
    • To get a copy of the Bandit application please contact your Sales Representative or email [email protected]

Step 3: Uploading Data to Emcien

Performed by IT Resource

How do I upload data into Emcien?

If you do not have a FTP application, we recommend Cyberduck.

Step 4: Scheduling a Working Session

Performed by User

After I have set up my working session, what do I need to bring?

  • 1,000 rows of sample data
  • Use cases of interest
  • Any and all questions you have for us