Revolutionary New Data Analytics Software and Deep Solutions Expertise Combine to Improve Outcomes Across Sales, Service, Marketing, HR, Operations, and Beyond

Emcien® and eVerge Group today announced a partnership to help brands realize the value of prescriptive analytics by solving the last mile problem. The partnership combines EmcienPatterns™, revolutionary new data analytics software that tells companies exactly what to do, with eVerge Group’s deep solution expertise to quickly and seamlessly generate enterprise-wide impact. As part of the joint effort, eVerge Group is contributing more than 20 years of experience helping businesses successfully implement best-in-class solutions that leverage data and improve customer experience, operations, production and the management of human capital.

“Because we talk to them every day about their biggest challenges, we know that EmcienPatterns is the best way for companies to leapfrog competitors with transformative improvements to outcomes. Organizations have more data than ever, but they struggle with the last mile of analytics—knowing what the data is telling them to do and taking action. Emcien will eliminate this problem by producing a steady stream of prioritized tasks for teams and systems to act on continuously,” said Andy Mitchell, eVerge Group’s vice president of business development.

“Our team will provide leading brands the expertise they need to quickly and effectively generate value from this innovative technology. Our goal is to empower the workforce to take advantage of the data they already have in order to make real, impactful, daily improvement to the business.”

“As an award-winning technology consulting firm with deep experience across verticals and horizontals, eVerge Group is an ideal partner that brings a team of trusted, strategic advisors to help clients truly reinvent how they leverage data using EmcienPatterns,” said Andy Bashkin, Emcien’s vice president of sales. “EmcienPatterns is transforming how businesses everywhere improve outcomes. And through this partnership, we’re able to help companies rapidly tap into the incredible capabilities that only Emcien can deliver.”

Together, Emcien and eVerge Group will help brands use their data to make immediate, significant, and continuous improvement to outcomes including customer experience, employee retention, operational efficiency, customer value, customer churn, and other areas of the business where prescriptive analytics will be a difference maker.

About eVerge Group

Founded in 1993, eVerge Group refines business processes and delivers services tailored for commercial and public sector clients focusing on Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Experience (CX), Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Capital Management (HCM). eVerge Group is an Oracle Platinum Cloud Select partner that implements software solutions in leading global organizations.  In addition to their Oracle partnership, they are also Salesforce, Informatica, Reltio, and Tableau partners. For more information on eVerge Group, visit

About Emcien

Emcien revolutionizes analytics with the only software that helps enterprises realize value from their data by converting it to practical, prioritized tasks to continuously improve business outcomes like churn, profitability, downtime, and more. Only Emcien tells you what outcomes will occur in the future and why, and what specific action to take as a result. Emcien delivers answers into your existing apps and systems in real-time so they can seamlessly transform the enterprise. Leading brands across verticals like retail, manufacturing, and telecom trust Emcien to transform their sales, operations, customer service, and beyond. For product videos and more, visit


Emily Gay

Marketing Director

Emily helps companies understand how new data technologies can solve their biggest challenges. In-house and agency-side, she's spent nearly a decade helping brands use data to make smarter decisions and optimize KPIs.

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