What a year!

EmcienScan data exploration software helped make 2015 a banner year

EmcienScan is changing how people think about data discovery. What used to be a very manual task that begins with data cleansing and much trial and error before narrowing down to what data to analyze is now completely automated.

Want to go from raw data to knowing all the relevant variables for your model in just minutes? EmcienScan does just that without any prep or visual interpretation.

Best Customers in the World!

We’re quite proud of our software, but there’s nothing quite like seeing the accomplishments of the people who know their data and their industry best. We’ll keep updating the gallery with some of our great customers on the home page at emcien.com, but we encourage everyone to keep pushing the limits of data and analytics.

And so much more to come!

Look for us to announce something big in early 2016. Check back often for more news on software, analytics, and the industry.