Easy, Rapid Exploration

How can your analysis become faster, cheaper, and more effective?

Consultants, data scientists, and analysts use Emcien to automate their data discovery process, using EmcienScan to quickly identify the value in data. The solution is the first step before data analysis, summarizing the content and value of the data set to guide users to the right answer.

Discover where the value lies:

EmcienScan automatically reveals where the most valuable relationships hide in your data. You’ll know what columns affect the others, how strong those connections are, and other metadata associated with your outcome variables.

Emcien customers are using the pre-analysis tool on some interesting data problems.

Machine failure is an expensive business problem. This data exploration was to use machine data to learn if the data could be used to predict outcomes like failure and downtime.


The results were fast and invaluable. EmcienScan grouped the data based on the number of cases, and identified the most predictive and strongest connections.

Human Resources: One of the largest cost centers for most companies is personnel. An exploration of HR data reveals how a company can analyze and predict attrition. They found that attrition is strongly linked to the number of companies the employee has worked, education level, training sessions per year, distance from work, and so on.

Automatically outlining where the most relevant parts of the data saved the HR team many hours of exploration. Without having to engage technical resources the department identified the most important factors to retention and was able to make informed decisions to further analyze the data and reduce attrition.