Data Management

Instantly identify value in data.

The scale of data today makes it overwhelming to even begin looking for value in data. EmcienScan can quickly scan data for the relationships they contain, showing exactly what data to store and analyze and what data is simply noise.

Know the value:

EmcienScan tells you where the value is in your data in a matter of minutes. It will score each variable for its ability to predict your outcome and identify how these predictive scores identify natural groupings in the data, giving you a lay of the land for your data.

54409222Smarter Data Management:

Even with the commoditization of hardware and distributed computing, analysts working with truly large, streaming data don’t always know what data is worth keeping. EmcienScan will quickly score the relevance and predictability of your data, giving analysts a quick look into the value of the data so that intelligent decisions can be made about costs and benefits in storage.

Keep what matters:

EmcienScan lets you see what’s important to you without any data cleansing or exploratory analysis. You’ll save time and money by working directly with the relevant data and avoiding the typical struggles of “janitorial” data work.

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