Cross-sell and Upsell for Manufacturing

Terex Corporation is a manufacturer of heavy equipment across a number of industries and a wide variety of products. With customers in over 170 countries around the world, Terex maintains relationships with its customers and dealers to supply factory approved replacement and add-on parts. Sales teams helped customers order add-on and replacement parts, but they lacked visibility into customer preferences and needed a way to improve cross-sell and upsell in online and direct sales.

Using EmcienPatterns the Terex team was able to analyze a year of sales orders to reveal how their customers purchased replacement and add-on parts. With a whole new view into the buying patterns of their customers, Terex saw this as a unique opportunity for their online ordering system and in their sales team’s CRM. Using Emcien’s APIs, Terex was able to implement a complete data factory, automatically pulling data from the sales and ERP system, analyzing the data, and pushing the results to the online parts order platform and the Terex CRM.

This automated data workflow boosted the manufacturer’s sales efforts. Product suggestions in their online orders platform became more accurate, making more helpful product suggestions and increasing the average online order size. Directing those same product recommendations to into the sales team’s CRM, Terex was able to give their sales teams an advanced view of the products each customer was likely to buy next. Through each platform Terex was able to increase the number of items per order and the total sales revenue, creating a sizable lift in total annual sales.

Business Value:

  • Increased parts sales online and through direct sales
  • Improved customer experience

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