Breakthrough Technology

Learn more about the technology behind EmcienPatterns, our automated predictive analytics engine.

A Knowledge Graph at the Core

Emcien’s knowledge graph ingests many data formats and types, is resilient to dirty data, compresses data and decreases data traversal time, and accepts unlimited data values.

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Designed for Speed and Scale

The knowledge graph, patented pattern extraction algorithm, and vertical and horizontal scaling combine to deliver enterprise-grade speed – 1K predictions per second on a single core.

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Engineered for Predictions at the Edge

A tiny footprint, 2-tier architecture, speed and scale mechanisms, automation, and more, combine to enable high-accuracy predictions at the edge of the network for IoT use cases.

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Delivering Multivariate Time Series Prediction

EmcienPatterns delivers multivariate time series predictions about outcomes quickly and easily using its powerful engine and a time series format known as “time to live” or TTL.

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Data Binning

EmcienPatterns automatically bins the numerical values into those value ranges that will maximize the predictive power of a data set and heighten the impact of predictions.

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Machine Learning Algorithms

EmcienPatterns uses several innovative algorithms to create a fully automated data analysis and prediction process.

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Experience analytics like you
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Experience analytics like you never thought possible.