Bandit Release Notes

Bandit has been certified in the following operating systems:

  • OSX
  • Linux RedHat
  • Windows 7 & 8

New Functionality

  • Enabled banding of 'Long' files (-i R)
  • Automatically detects numbers that should be categoral data (e.g. phone numbers, social security numbers
    • The command (-g 2) will enable this feature
    • The command (-g 1) will skip this logic, but will designate single integers as categoral
  • Bandit can now prune categories that share little mutual information with the dependent category (-p 1)
    • These categories will NOT appear in the banded file, but will appear in the breaks and mi files

Enhanced Functionality

  • Bandit will now round breakpoints of bands to the nearest 2 decimal places
  • Now sampling up to 10,000,000 lines when banding large files
  • Improvements made with respect to file size and estimations of the number of rows in a data file
  • Improved speed on Windows machines
  • Better 'bad' data detection by the flaging of “silly” numbers as missing data

Defects Resolved

  • Bandit for Red Hat and Windows will now place the correct bracket labels around bins
  • Escaped quotes can now be handled, and the missing field issue has been resolved
  • File headers will no longer cause errors due to skipping the line ending
  • Corrected instances of auto bands being created with size of zero
  • Columns containing percent sign are now banding correctly

Defects Resolved

  • Fixed the twist to receipt command (-f R).
  • Failed when trying to band a data set with a dependent variable (numeric or categorical).
  • Z_get_token_real: (Zero) is not a number (row 7, col 0).