The big data community spends a lot of time talking about algorithms and distributed computing packages, usually at the expense of real world, relatable success stories. In this post we’ll try to give a good overview of how cutting-edge analytics solutions can be applied to everyday sales data.

Analyzing sales data goes far beyond standard Business Intelligence and dashboarding. Rather, by using Emcien to analyze sales and marketing data we can make a prediction for each new prospect and allow sales to prioritize their efforts towards the better prospects.

1. Analyze your existing or other type of CRM data in Emcien.

– See what factors lead to a successful sale, a quick sales cycle.
– See the key indicators for what factors and events cause you to lose a prospect.
– Discover new opportunities for cross-sell and upsell from your existing customer base.
– Get a deeper understanding of how your sales pipeline functions.

2. With these new insights you can reconfigure your approach to sales and make the most of your new opportunities.

Emcien allows you to focus your resources in the opportunities with the highest win probability. It can also tell you what to do in order to improve the winning probability of other opportunities.

3. Adding the second tier of Emcien’s analytics platform gives your sales team end to end automation. The Emcien Prediction Server can apply the patterns discovered in Step 1 to every prospect in real time, giving a live dashboard of prospects, their probability for success, and the reasons why.

Interested in learning more? You can get an in-depth view of the whole process on our support page in the knowledge base or you can contact us for a trial.