Most companies have some kind of CRM to track their sales activities. They are all over the board in terms of how they are used, what information they collect, and how all of that information is collected. Cleaner, more complete, and more relevant data is the goal of every CRM administrator, but this is often more of an aspiration than reality.

The last mile or last kilometer is a widely accepted phrase used in the telecommunications, cable television and internet industries to refer to the final leg of the telecommunications networks delivery components and mechanisms to retail end-users / customers. The last mile is how value is finally delivered to the customer. There is an analogous situation in data analysis. The last mile is how the value is delivered and recognized by the customer.

No matter the industry, it’s critical to think about analytics projects with the last mile in mind. This means thinking beyond the end results of the analysis, but to the completion of the business use case that drives the project. Focusing on the last mile ensures not only that the project is seen through to the end user in a way that they are used to, but that the results are then executed successfully.

What people come to Emcien for: the analytics.

We’re constantly working with our customers and partners to ensure client success by integrating what people come to Emcien for: the analytics, into the systems that users are familiar with. The result is maximizing the success our clients see from Emcien and speeding up the acceptance and adoption of analytics.

What are your thoughts? What are some last mile examples that you can share?