Administration Hierarchy

There are two levels of Administrator available within Emcien. Whether these are available will depend on the installation type being used.

The Cloud installation is configured as a Multi-Tenant environment, and Emcien is the System Administrator. Customers are able to log in as an Administrator.

If Emcien has been installed in a Virtual Machine environment the customer is the System Administrator. The Customer also continues to manage the Administrator role. Administrators can create users and projects within a company, and process reports. System Administrators have the same privileges as Administrators, but they have an additional privilege that allows them to create Companies.

This list shows the different levels and the corresponding areas that can be accessed.

System Administrator Administrator Data Loader User
System Level
Create Company
View All Reports
View Jobs
View Logs
Edit Company Features
Download Report Logs
Admin Level
Edit Company
Create Project
Edit Project
View/Edit Users
View/Edit API Token
View API Usage
View Reports
Process Analysis via GUI Loader
User Level
View Analysis Reports Created via Autoloader
View Analysis Reports Created via GUI Loader
Download CSV Data from Web UI
Call Emcien API