Empowering everyone to participate in the data driven economy.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower everyone with the ability to analyze data and participate effectively and successfully in the data driven economy. We do this by offering a self-service predictive analytics solution that automatically analyzes the data and delivers the answers. No data skills required.

Emcien is a technology company pioneering automation in data analysis through powerful, easy to use software. Emcien’s technology powers predictive analytics solutions, network data analysis, automated recommendation engines, churn models, and more. Our customers are telecom and networking giants running the world’s largest networks, manufacturers with complex and highly configurable products, retail technology companies with extensive human-generated data, and many others. With point and click software or automated downstream applications directly through APIs, Emcien’s pattern detection solutions help customers turn large and complex data into easy, repeatable solutions.

Our Story

Dr. Roy Marsten was a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and a co-author of the leading mathematical software library CPLEX, with over 70% market share.

Leading companies approached Dr. Marsten to solve a critical problem. “We are in a data driven economy and our employees need a self-serve solution for data analysis. This is a requirement to compete effectively in this economy,” a company representative said.  The solution would have to be designed for business users. Intuitive, fast and require no data analysis skills.

Dr. Marsten founded Emcien and began designing pattern-based analytics solutions that reveal patterns and trends – and have the ability to deliver an answer to the user, with no analysis required. From the beginning, Emcien’s mission has been to move beyond coding, laborious data mining, search and brute force methods that characterize most analytics efforts.

In partnership with early clients, Emcien designed a suite of self-service analytics solutions.  The objective is to address all the needs of the new economy and the knowledge worker. “We need a way to quickly evaluate if the data is even worth analyzing. This will save us time, money and dramatically improve success rate,” said a client. Emcien’s solution is designed to solve the real challenges of companies and people whose business, lives and performance depend on it.

The result is tools that are fun and easy that you’ll want to analyze every piece of data you have!


Dr. Roy Marsten

Dr. Roy Marsten

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Dr. Marsten, author of more than 30 papers on computational optimization in academic journals, has been a professor at Northwestern University, MIT, the University of Arizona, and the Georgia Institute of Technology before becoming an entrepreneur. In 1987, Dr. Marsten founded XMP Software, which was acquired by ILOG/CPLEX (ILOG was later acquired by IBM). The optimization libraries in ILOG/CPLEX are the most widely used of their kind and drive applications inside SAP, i2 Technologies – now JDA Software – and others.

He was the recipient of the Beale-Orchard-Hays Prize for Excellence in Computational Mathematics awarded by the Mathematical Programming Society. Dr. Marsten was co-founder of Idmon Corp. with Ms. Subramanian. Based on their work at Idmon, Dr. Marsten and Ms. Subramanian were finalists for the Franz Edelman Prize for Excellence in Management Science awarded by the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science.

Russ Caldwell

Russ Caldwell

Chief Technology Officer

Russ Caldwell has over two decades of software design and development experience and has held key engineering positions with Microsoft, Harris Corporation, Elixir Development and Dun & Bradstreet Software. He was co-founder and CTO of Novient, Inc., an innovative software company that pioneered professional services automation (PSA).

As a member of the management team, he helped expand Novient to 230 employees, raise $54 million in venture financing and grow revenue to $20 million. Mr. Caldwell led Novient’s product launch with successful deployments at SAP, Accenture and Ernst & Young. Novient was sold to Solution 6, an Australia-based technology company, in 2003.

Chris Altman

Chris Altman

Vice President of Engineering & Partnerships

Chris has extensive experience across a range of software development, from design-centered user advocate to programmer-centered software engineer. He has designed and implemented large scale distributed systems for Marriott, Autotrader, Earthlink, and others. His work has made it easier to understand, manage, and audit daily cash flows of millions of dollars.

In more than 18 years in the software industry, Chris is dedicated to creating new software to do things that were previously thought impossible. In his role Chris works to align the efforts of the Emcien engineering team with the needs of our customers.


How we work at Emcien sets us apart. We work hard at maximizing individual potential while maintaining a commitment to excellence in a collegial environment. We’re always looking for talented, experienced and curious individuals to join our team. If you have a passion for technology, a collaborative approach to work and a commitment to excellence, drop us a line.

Emcien employees enjoy:

  • workplaceOpen environment driven by collaboration
  • Results-oriented culture
  • Professional development opportunities through conferences, lunch & learns and other resources
  • 401(k) plan
  • Health coverage
  • Endless supply of swag from our marketing department and community partners
  • Relaxed dress code
  • Bottomless snack supply
  • Bumper pool
  • Frequent catered lunches and breakfast
  • Company outings to experience new restaurants
  • Bocce ball tournaments


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