Industry leaders from manufacturing, telecom, banking, law enforcement, retail, and distribution apply Emcien’s suite of software to solve a range of data problems of all sizes. Emcien’s users get to an answer faster and without querying, coding, or advanced data science and math skills. The automated data analysis technology at the heart of Emcien products allows analysts to and business users to move beyond querying and modeling with ranked lists, highlighted insights, and dynamic visualizations.

Solutions By Use

Organizations use Emcien’s suite of pattern detection software solutions to automatically reveal critical insights and actionable information hidden in their data. Across industries and data types, businesses and governmental organizations are finding that the data they collect can be put to use generating sales, discovering what people are saying about a product, identifying and addressing the events that lead to major equipment and network failure, and much more.

Solutions By Industry

Data provides organizations across all sectors the unprecedented ability to lead based on hard facts. Emcien’s automatic pattern detection solutions drive growth and value wherever there is data by providing the patterns needed to form insight. What can Emcien’s software do for your industry?


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