What type of data do you have? Conversations Machine Data

Turn unstructured data into valuable insights in minutes

Time matters. EmcienScout analyzes streaming and static unstructured data to detect patterns in a matter of minutes and displays how those patterns change over time. Gain a deep understanding of the connections within your data across multiple sources and find the patterns that require immediate attention.


Monitor patterns in real-time

Patterns are language and data-agnostic. So is EmcienScout.

Explore data over a broad geographic area or down to a city block




Real Time Network Analysis and Pattern Detection

Time doesn’t slow down for collection and analysis. EmcienScout Conversations keeps you up to speed with real-time analysis of text documents and streaming social  data to provide Summary Overviews, Key Conversations, Topical Breakdowns, and Key Influencers.

Patterns are language and data-agnostic. So is EmcienScout.

EmcienScout finds patterns in all kinds of data.

Load your data or pull from forums and social media via API and get results regardless of language or data type. Even patterns in slang and coded language are detected.



Explore data over a broad geographic area or down to a city block

Use the EmcienScout dashboard to target a specific neighborhood or broaden your results to include a large geographic area. The interactive dashboard allows users to target only the information they need in real time.

Receive alerts and record posts as patterns change through time

EmcienScout gives users the ability to see patterns changing through time. Your team can use EmcienScout to display changes in sentiment or peaks in recurrence to understand how these trends fluctuate or alert users to shifting activities.


Machine Data


Ranked list of alerts and threats

EmcienScout analyzes high volumes of streaming machine data, connecting data together to identify the common elements and their patterns, revealing outliers and anomalies. Analysts are shown a list of pressing items ranked in order of importance.


Patterns of unusual activity detected through time

While other solutions require predetermined rules, suspicious signatures, or curated blacklists to identify potential malware, EmcienScout identifies suspicious activity by how elements connect within streaming data. Monitoring every transaction through time allows EmcienScout to determine if events, actions, and actors are unusual, highlighting them for user review.[/column]


Automatically reveal unknown and surprising activity

Other machine data analysis tools reveal threats and failures by querying streaming data and scanning for known signatures, but miss previously unseen malfunctions and novel attacks. EmcienScout connects data elements together and monitors their activity over time to identify clusters of unusual activity that would be missed by other solutions.


Integrate any number of data elements

The engine that powers EmcienScout is data agnostic. It has no understanding of the individual elements, only the patterns of how those elements connect and change over time. This allows EmcienScout to incorporate additional elements in its analysis, including geo-location, weather, time, or other relevant metrics.


No rules, no models, no queries

EmcienScout doesn’t require preconfigured rules, signatures, data models, or even user queries. It analyzes the patterns in raw, unstructured streaming data to reveal the threats that other solutions miss. EmcienScout  can then present the ranked results for human review or APIs can direct the alerts to another downstream system.

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Time doesn’t slow down for collection and analysis. Let EmcienScout reveal patterns from your data in real time.


Analyze your data in minutes.