EmcienPredict is

Predictions at the Edge

Accurate predictions at enterprise scale.

With EmcienPredict users can make highly accurate predictions at enterprise scale. Predictions can even be distributed down to the individual device for embedded, real-time analytics.

Test the predictive quality of your data.

An analysis in EmcienPatterns reveals the rules that can be applied as highly accurate predictions on new and incoming data. Test your data for its predictive strength before implementing an automated prediction work flow.

Make on-demand predictions without writing any code.

Automated Rules Discovery

Automate Predictions

Automate predictions as part of your data workflow.

Build a data workflow to make predictions on data as it is created, triggering alerts and automating actions to for responding in real time.

Distribute these rules to each prediction engine for machine intelligence at the edge.

Each EmcienPredict engine can be deployed on machines where the data is created. These predictions can be made in real time, on streaming data, and without a constant data connection.

Distributed Predictions at the edge


Automatically apply thousands of rules to make much more accurate predictions.


Machine-readable predictions can trigger downstream actions or automatic alerts for data review.


Distribute the predictive engines across the enterprise. Sensor data, point of sale machines, or other networked devices.

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