How It Works

Emcien provides unique analytics solutions, taking you from data exploration, to analysis, to real-time streaming predictions.

Automatic data discovery

Automatically maps and exposes all the relevant connections in your data. No prior knowledge or understanding of data is required.

Automated use-case detection

Our unique data exploration engine computes and ranks the columns in your data based on their correlation strength to all the other data. This helps to quickly isolate the pockets of data that contain insight.

Reduce data analysis time and risk

EmcienScan quickly computes and reports the strength of the correlation patterns in your data. If the correlation patterns are weak, it is a strong indicator that the data analysis will be challenging and that the data does not contain strong insights.

Noise reduction

Emcien’s unique capability instantly isolates the relevant data to let users work only with the valuable connections in their data.

No queries

The Pattern Analysis Engine automatically generates the prevalent patterns without bias. This eliminates the need for endless search and queries, which typically increases time, cost and effort of the analysis, and leads to bias.

Lightning fast in-memory analytics

Complete analysis happens in memory to get you to the right answer faster. Because the analysis encapsulates the entire data set.

Real-time streaming or ad-hoc predictions

EmcienPredict module makes predictions on streaming data at the speed of data.

Reduce data movement

EmcienPredict has a very small footprint can be run locally at the site of data generation. This eliminates the need for data movement – which is one the biggest challenges of IoT analytics.

Drag and drop UI for any type of user

Emcien gives analysts and data scientists alike the complete analysis of their dataset without requiring any specialized skills.

Scales with your data

From Excel sized files to massive enterprise data, Emcien just gives you the answers.

Available on Cloud or VM

Runs on commodity hardware, meaning you can do analysis on your laptop, in the cloud, or on enterprise grade servers.

Integrates with workflow automation

Easy to integrate into your existing workflow with APIs and machine-readable outputs.

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